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Keccia loved how friendly and personable Dr. Chien is. He walked her through the procedure and made sure she was comfortable. Hear her story.

Keccia got a dental implant in Visalia, CA

Keccia's Story

"I was very comfortable when I got here; the staff was very friendly and welcoming, so it put my mind at ease. Dr. Chien is very friendly and personable — explains everything in detail. I'm very happy with him. He has a cute sense of humor too. When I sat in the chair, I was getting nervous, and I'll talk a lot when I'm nervous, and they recognized that, and they went ahead and calmed me down, and then they turned around, and Dr. Chien came in, and he shook my hand and told me what they were going to do today. The recovery after the surgery was actually great. I had no pain. I was prescribed pain pills, but I didn't have to take them. Now it feels great. I don't have any problems in that area. The gums healed well. If I had to have somebody recommended here from Visalia, CA, or anywhere, I would definitely recommend them here. I already have. I sent my mom in and my dad in, and then I have a couple more uncles that need to come in."

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