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Did you know...

  • Wisdom teeth are impacted when they cannot grow in normally, getting trapped in the jaw bone or gums.
  • Wisdom teeth are the only teeth that don’t form before birth.
  • 85% of wisdom teeth will need to be removed at some point.
  • Wisdom teeth are also known as third molars.
  • Wisdom teeth often appear between the ages of 17 and 25.

Fresno Oral Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implant Center is proud to help students through its Wisdom For Wisdom program. This program provides free wisdom teeth removal to three local students to help offset some of their college expenses, like textbooks.

Trinity, 19, from Sanger is a student at Fresno City College. In her application she spoke about how the Wisdom For Wisdom program would lift a weight off her shoulders and help her balance school, work, and being a young adult. Trinity also mentioned wanting to protect her smile and prevent any other teeth from shifting out of alignment.

Aubree, 22, from Fresno is a student at California State University, Fresno. In her application she wrote about the pain she has been dealing with from her wisdom teeth, but said that all of her focus and finances have been on her education as she works to complete her Bachelor of Arts degree.

Shayla, 18, from Clovis, just graduated from high school and plans to attend Whittier College where she will study Kinesiology and work towards becoming a physical therapist. In her application she also mentioned that in addition to studying she will also be playing for the Whittier College Women's Soccer Team and working to help support herself through college.

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