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Post-Operative Instructions: Sinus Lift


This important information will give you proper post-surgical care instructions following a sinus lift for dental implants.

This treatment is performed to increase the height of bone available for your implant(s). It is imperative that you follow the instructions listed below carefully to maximize your healing and improve the long-term outcome of your dental implant(s).

Do NOT blow your nose for at least 14 days, as the pressure will delay or damage your sinus healing. If you have to sneeze, do NOT hold it back—sneeze out. Open your mouth and try to minimize the pressure in your nasal/sinus passages.

You may use nasal decongestants, such as over-the-counter Sudafed® tablets or Afrin® Nasal Spray, to keep your passages dry, especially if you have noticed continued drainage or feel the need to blow your nose.

Take the antibiotics prescribed by your doctor until they are finished, even if you feel fine. They protect the surgical site from infection. Also, one or two servings of yogurt or an acidophilus probiotic tablet are recommended daily to reduce gastrointestinal complications (like diarrhea).

Do not drink through a straw. This creates suction, which may damage a healing clot. You may drink out of a cup or bowl, or use a spoon.

Do not smoke because smoking reduces the blood flow, contaminates the healing wound, and frequently leads to infections.

If sutures (stitches) were placed, they are almost always the type that will dissolve and fall out within the first week or so after surgery.

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