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Bone grafting in Fresno, Clovis, Reedley, and Madera, CA
Bone Grafting in Fresno, Clovis, Reedley, and Madera, CA

Bone Grafting

Restorative Treatment for Bone Loss

A bone graft is a versatile treatment option that can restore a single tooth socket, a large area of bone where multiple teeth are missing, or even increase the area of bone between the mouth and the sinus cavities. A bone graft is necessary to restore the foundation of the dental arch where the bone in the jaw has deteriorated. During a bone grafting procedure, an oral surgeon can place bone grafting material to restore the size and shape of the jaw. Over time, the bone graft material integrates with the existing bone, which restores the facial structure and creates a secure foundation to place dental implants.

The Bone Grafting Procedure

Advances in the field of oral surgery have made bone grafting procedures much simpler, reducing recovery times and improving results for patients. A bone graft consists of tiny granules of bone suspended in an easy-to-apply gel. Oral surgeons apply this material directly to the area of the jaw lacking in bone. In some circumstances, growth factors can be combined with the graft material to speed up the healing process. The bone material can be taken from your body or a tissue bank. In some circumstances, the oral surgeon can place the bone graft and the dental implant during the same surgical procedure, saving patients the time required to complete and heal after two separate procedures.

Types of Bone Grafting

Sinus lift in Fresno, Clovis, Reedley, and Madera, CA

When a tooth is missing on the upper arch, a sinus graft reinforces bone in the upper jaw to make implant placement possible. Watch the video to learn more!

We offer several common bone grafting procedures in our offices:

Sinus lift. Sometimes the maxillary sinuses, located behind the cheekbones, are too close for certain dental implants, such as upper back molars, to be placed. During a sinus lift procedure, bone graft material is placed between the sinus cavity and upper teeth, which creates enough space for a dental implant to be placed safely.

Ridge expansion. Bone loss due to missing teeth can affect the bony ridge that holds your teeth in place. This ridge is called the alveolar ridge and is paramount to secure implant placement. A ridge expansion procedure simply increases the width and/or height of this ridge.

Major bone grafting. Facial injuries, periodontal disease, birth defects, injuries, and other causes can present a larger area to graft. In most cases, bone is taken from the patient’s own body (usually from the jaw, hip, or tibia). A protective membrane may be used beneath the gums to promote healing while also protecting the graft.

Procedure socket prevention video thumb

Socket preservation helps reduce bone loss following tooth extraction and makes future implant placement easier. In some cases, a dental implant can be placed immediately after extraction. Watch the video to learn more!

Bone Grafting at Fresno Oral Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implant Center

Your consultation will begin with a thorough exam to evaluate your oral health and assess your bone quality. Your oral surgeon will take X-rays and 3D scans to get detailed images of your facial structure and outline a treatment plan designed to meet your specific needs, including your options for anesthesia.

If you need a bone grafting or dental implant procedure, we can help. At our offices located in Fresno, Clovis, Reedley, Madera, and Visalia, our skilled team performs bone grafting procedures on a routine basis. Contact our office at the location nearest you for a consultation with one of our experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons, who will determine the best treatment options based on your specific condition.

Types of Anesthesia

Our surgeons offer many options for anesthesia and sedation to ensure your comfort during treatment.

Hear From Bone Grafting Patients

These patients can tell you about the firsthand experience undergoing bone grafting at our office.

Reviews From Our Bone Grafting Patients

Dave got a bone graft in Fresno, CA.
Dave Reviews His Procedure

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"I was actually referred here from another local dentist. I need a couple of implants and to do that, they have to do what’s called a sinus lift. They have to do surgery to do that. Met the staff and they were real friendly — got me right in, did the surgery. The recovery process went very well. The staff was excellent — everybody, very friendly. It was very down-to-earth as far as talking about what the surgery was, what it entailed. Great experience. So I always appreciate when somebody does a good job, and I always take the time to call them and tell them they did. So five stars — great job."

Jan got a sinus lift in Fresno, CA
Jan Reviews Her Procedure

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"I came here because I was missing a good portion of my teeth. I had to have them removed in my twenties. I just couldn't afford dental care. So, I just left them alone, and at one point, my current dentist said that if I didn't get them replaced, that I was going to lose my front teeth because they were starting to get loose. I'd gone to a couple of other oral surgery places, and the dentists there told me there was no way. They wouldn't touch my mouth. When I came here and talked to Dr. K, he said he was going to have to do a major sinus lift. He was going to do the dental implants at the same time. Now, after the surgery, I feel great. I can chew. I can bite into things, and I can chew up my food. I can't recommend him enough. I tell everybody about him. He is just a sweetheart. He has done miracles. He really has."

Testimonial connie extraction bone grafting dental implant fresno ca mobile
Connie Reviews Her Procedure

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"I felt very welcomed and very comfortable every time I came. The office atmosphere is very open. The staff were very welcoming, they asked me how I was doing, they acted like they knew me forever. The doctors explained everything to me, every procedure, every step, what was going to happen at the next appointment and I didn’t have questions. The procedures went very well. They did a wonderful job. I would definitely recommend Fresno Oral Surgery. Everything was perfect."

David DI Ext BG mobile
David Reviews His Procedure

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"This office—I felt really comfortable. They were very attentive of me. All the doctors explained to me all the procedures and things that I needed to do before and after. All the doctors here really did a great job with me. They really did everything possible to make me very happy. The procedures went very well. I felt very comfortable. It was just an awesome experience. I recommend the doctors at Fresno Oral Surgery."

Jacquie DI Mobile
Jacquie Reviews Her Procedure

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"The practice here is professional, courteous, makes you feel right at home. The staff is personable. They’re very likeable, they’re awesome. The doctors here are very friendly. They explained everything explicitly, in detail. Asked me if I was comfortable with every single step that they were going to do. I’m very happy that I chose Fresno Oral Surgery because everything, through every procedure, the process, everything has been handled absolutely great. My experience here was fantastic. I would highly recommend the doctors at Fresno Oral Surgery."

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