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Stem Cell Banking

Preserve Precious Stem Cells and Protect Your Future

Clinical trials have shown great promise for the future of regenerative medicine. Wisdom teeth are typically removed between the years of 17 and 25, making it the perfect time for stem cell banking. Since extracted teeth are usually healthy, it’s a perfect opportunity to maximize the benefit of this procedure. Once these healthy stem cells are stored, they will be ready to serve a variety of functions in the future, if necessary. Even if your child needs bone marrow repaired, or cancer cells restored, stem cells may be able to help.

At Fresno Oral Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implant Center, your team of dental professionals can easily go through the process of harvesting stem cells. Every oral surgeon here is familiar with the process, which means your child is in great hands. If you’re interested in protecting your future by preserving your stem cells, ask us during your visit or enroll now through the Stemodontics® website.

Learn about what stem cells are

Banking stem cells from wisdom teeth in Fresno, Clovis, Reedley, and Madera, CA

Stem cells have the ability to develop into many different cell types and repair most forms of specialized tissue. These powerful cells can be stored in a facility for future use. Watch the video to learn more!

Stem cells are an exciting topic these days in the medical community. Scientific researchers have discovered great potential to cure diseases, solutions that have eluded scientists so far. Most cells are highly specialized, which means that repairing damage is limited to the number of specialized cells available. However, adult stem cells can adapt to the needs of most specialized cells. This means they can repair most forms of specialized tissue.

There are two categories of stem cells based on their function. During pregnancy, embryonic stem cells assist with developing internal organs and systems. In the earliest stages of pregnancy, these systems range from the immune system to the cardiovascular system. However, researchers are especially excited about the second category, adult stem cells. They can survive outside the body, unlike other cells. Adult stem cells are incredibly adaptable too. This means that stem cells can be stored until needed in a specialized storage facility such as a laboratory. These stem cells can ensure peace of mind, especially if family members have a medical history of cancer, diabetes, or similar diseases.

Learn about why it’s so important to bank stem cells

Bank stem cells from wisdom teeth in Fresno, Clovis, Reedley, and Madera, CA

Wisdom teeth contain many stem cells that can potentially be used in regenerative medicine. Banking stem cells from wisdom teeth is an investment in your or your child's future health. Watch the video to learn more!

Banking stem cells by storing wisdom teeth is important. Even though your child may have other teeth removed in adulthood, wisdom teeth are the best option. This is because other extractions will remove unhealthy teeth. Most wisdom teeth are perfectly healthy and have the greatest potential for using stem cells in regenerative medicine. Your child’s age is also important. It’s important to bank stem cells as early as possible. This is because the younger the patient’s age, the higher their stem cell count. For every year the patient ages, decline occurs.

Even if you’ve already taken the step of banking your child’s umbilical cord blood, the benefits are different. Cord blood stem cells are useful when it comes to facilitating blood cell regeneration. However, stem cells stored in wisdom teeth are used to regenerate solid tissue. This is crucial when it comes to fighting diseases such as cancer, leukemia, and diabetes. Since stem cells—MSCs, in the case of wisdom teeth, which refers to mesenchymal stem cells—can transform and duplicate into different cell types, they serve as a form of insurance. This can be lifesaving if your child ever experiences a major health crisis.

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By choosing to preserve stem cells safely with Stemodontics stem cell banking, you can feel confident that you are choosing a stem cell banking service that you and your family can depend on.

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