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Meet Erika

Video Review

Erika appreciated Dr. Kheradpir’s reassuring approach. Everyone on the team worked together to make her entire experience as easy as possible. Hear her story.

Erika underwent jaw surgery in Fresno, CA.

Erika's Story

"I had orthognathic surgery with Dr. Kheradpir. The way I would describe Fresno Oral is that they’re very welcoming. They make everything as easy as possible and as comfortable as possible. I was a little nervous, but Dr. Kheradpir did his best to put all my nerves at ease. The surgery went well. Dr. Kheradpir is a very professional surgeon. I would say that I did have a wonderful experience here. I would give Fresno Oral Surgery five stars. I would recommend Dr. Kheradpir because he’s very knowledgeable in his field, and he will do the best that he can to make everything go as smooth as possible."

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