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Meet Rachell

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Rachell’s surgery has been life changing. She has more self-confidence and is no longer afraid to smile or show her teeth. Hear her story.

Rachell got orthognathic surgery in Fresno, CA.

Rachell's Story

"Prior to having the surgery — back when I was making the decision to have the surgery — you would not believe the intense headaches I would get because it's not fitting right. So the eating part, you couldn't bite into hard things because it'd make your jaws hurt. So, I went to my orthodontist, and he referred me here, and from that point on, we went through some processes and steps, and I will say this, I am so happy that I had this surgery. This surgery has been life-changing for me. I am way more self-confident. I am not afraid to smile; I'm not afraid to show my teeth. I'm not afraid anymore, so it changed my whole life."

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