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Meet Serena

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Serena feels amazing after her surgery with Dr. Barnhart. She has more confidence and is no longer ashamed to show her teeth. Hear her story.

Serena underwent orthognathic surgery in Fresno, CA

Serena's Story

"I had a really big overbite. My two front teeth on my top jaw were sticking out of my mouth. It was really difficult to eat and to breathe sometimes after running a lot. It felt like I was at a really big disadvantage. Ever since I was little and I had the teeth sticking out of my mouth, I knew I would have to have surgery eventually to fix it, so I was actually really excited to have the surgery and look normal. I had Dr. Barnhart, and she made me feel very welcomed here. She's really friendly. She's really nice, and she tells you about herself when you first meet her, and she asks you a bunch of questions about yourself. She feels like a best friend really. After the surgery, I felt amazing. I feel normal; I feel confident, especially when I'm at school, and I smile more — I show my teeth because I'm not ashamed of it anymore. I highly recommend Fresno Oral Surgery."

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