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Meet Dollie

Video Review

Dollie was impressed with Dr. Barnhart and the team. Their genuine interest in her well-being made the restoration process a wonderful experience. Hear her story.

Dollie got a dental implant in Fresno, CA.

Dollie's Story

"I was eating popcorn; I cracked my tooth on a kernel. I went to my dentist right away. He referred me to Dr. Barnhart. Their team and Dr. Barnhart put me at ease. It was a really good and very positive interaction. Dr. Barnhart was a great surgeon. They took a genuine interest in me. I was very impressed with the team she has. I had a wonderful experience. I would definitely give Fresno Oral Surgery five stars. For my friends in Madera and Coarsegold, I would highly recommend Fresno Oral Surgery."

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