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Meet Diane

Video Review

Diane loved the friendly ladies at the front desk, and Dr. Kheradpir did a wonderful job with her surgery and relieved all of her pain. Hear her story.

Diane got a dental implant in Fresno, CA.

Diane's Story

"I had an extraction and a dental implant. I was having a lot of pain in my tooth before I came here. As soon as you walk through the door and you meet the ladies at the front desk, they’re very friendly. Everyone here makes you feel so welcome from the time you walk in. The surgery went very well. It was easy. I didn’t feel anything. Dr. Kheradpir is very great. He is knowledgeable in the job that he does. He makes you feel very comfortable. I had a great experience here at Fresno Oral Surgery. They did an amazing job, and I am so grateful that I came here."

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