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Meet Zach

Video Review

Zach felt welcomed from his first step inside the office. Dr. Kheradpir took the time to answer all of his questions and made sure he had the best experience possible. Hear his story.

Zach got a dental implant in Fresno, CA

Zach's Story

"I had a tooth that was chipped, and I had a dental implant from Dr. Kheradpir. When you walk in the front doors, you’re greeted with a friendly smile. Definitely a very friendly staff; here to help you, here to assist you, and basically make your experience very, very comfortable. Dr. Kheradpir definitely answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable. The surgery went really, really good. More than happy with what he did. He’s a very calm person who’s willing to listen to what you have to say. He wants the experience to be as best as possible. For my friends in Prather and Friant, I would definitely recommend Fresno Oral Surgery."

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