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Meet Dr. Peffly

Video Review

Dr. Peffly finds the staff at Fresno Oral Surgery terrific. He will continue to refer his patients to this office.

Dr. Peffly refers his patients to Fresno Oral Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implant Center

Dr. Peffly's Story

"I refer my patients to Fresno Oral Surgery because I can do that with confidence knowing that my patients are going to be taken care of in a very professional and expert way. I refer all types of patients to Fresno Oral Surgery. Mostly they're difficult surgical extractions, impacted wisdom teeth. The collaboration that we have with the doctors in this group is really very beneficial for our patients because they know that there's a continuity of care. There's not one doctor wanting to do one thing and another doctor wanting to do something else. We all are looking at the same goal for the patient. The staff here at Fresno Oral Surgery is terrific. They approach them with a smile all the time and make them feel comfortable in kind of a difficult situation for them. I wouldn't really refer patients anywhere else than Fresno Oral Surgery."

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