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Meet Dr. Person

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Dr. Person knows the staff at Fresno Oral Surgery will give his patients the same care and compassion as his staff.

Dr. Person refers his patients to Fresno Oral Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implant Center

Dr. Person's Story

"The most important thing in my practice is my patients. The second most important thing are my staff. When I assure them that Fresno Oral Surgery - the front office staff, the back office staff, the doctors themselves - are going to give them exactly the same care and compassion that I do, and that reassures them when they come back. They tell me, "you're right." Fresno Oral Surgery does a great job communicating with us. It's just a very nice, seamless communication between the patients and both staff. For years, like I said, I've been in practice for 42 years, for a good portion of that, I've worked with Dr. Alexander. He was my go-to guy that I would refer a vast majority of my patients. As they brought on Dr. Chien, Dr. Kheradpir, and Dr. Barnhart, as I've sent patients to those doctors too, and I always ask the patients then they come back, "what did you think?" They all say, "they're fantastic." As long as I'm in practice, I'm going to be sending patients to Fresno Oral Surgery."

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