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Meet Dr. Siemens

Video Review

Dr. Siemens knows her patients will get the same high level of patient-focused care at Fresno Oral Surgery Group, and enjoys working with all the doctors at this office

Dr. Siemens refers her patients to Fresno Oral Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implant Center

Dr. Siemens' Story

"I’ve been referring my patients to Fresno Oral Surgery Group since I started practice about ten years ago, and I’ve just found the ease of working with the doctors on the staff here and the way that they treat my patients. I know they’re going to get that same high level of patient-focused, quality oral surgery care. We share the same passion for learning and knowledge and striving to better ourselves with our dental care that we can provide. I love working with the doctors here. They treat my patients with such high-quality care, and I enjoy working with them as a professional. I will definitely continue to refer and recommend Fresno Oral Surgery Group for oral surgery."

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