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Meet Katelyn

Video Review

When Kateyln’s wisdom teeth started causing some issues, she knew it was time to have them removed. Dr. Kheradpir and his staff were warm, personable, and answered all her questions about the procedure. Hear her story.

Katelyn got her wisdom teeth removed in Fresno, CA.

Katelyn's Story

"I was having some issues with my wisdom teeth for a while, so I had to have them removed. I was pretty nervous coming in, but everybody was very calm and welcoming and answered any and all questions that I had about the procedure. The staff was amazing. Dr. K was very warm and kind — very personable and answered any questions that I had about the procedure. I had an extremely good experience here, and if I ever had to have anything done again, I would definitely come here. I would give Fresno Oral Surgery five out of five stars, for sure. For my friends and family in Fresno and Dinuba, I would highly recommend Fresno Oral Surgery."

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