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Meet Bob

Video Review

Bob had a wonderful experience with Dr. Kheradpir. The procedure was explained in detail and successfully performed when Bob felt comfortable. Hear his story.

Bob had had an tooth extraction, Sanger, CA.

Bob's Story

"My procedure was based simply on the fact that I had a cracked tooth, and they could not fix it, and because it was on the wisdom tooth, for safety reasons, it was best to extract the tooth. Dr. Kheradpir was very, very informative, made me feel very, very comfortable, explained procedures to me, and did not, under any circumstances, put any kind of altering pressure to have a procedure done, one way or the other. He pretty much said, "This is what you need to do; when you're ready, we'll do it." I would say to someone else who needed this procedure of an extraction, come see this doctor because he is very, very good. To my friends in Fresno, Clovis, and Sanger, Fresno Oral Surgery is the place for you to be. "

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