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Meet Michael

Video Review

Michael was very happy with his choice of anesthesia. Nitrous oxide helped him relax during the surgery, and it was over quickly. Hear his story.

Michael had his wisdom teeth removed, Kingsburg, CA.

Michael's Story

"Well, it was recommended by my dentist to get oral surgery done here. Well, it was my last wisdom tooth to be removed, and he felt it needed to be removed because it had gotten a little bit of gingivitis and cavities and all that. I came in and waited in the waiting room, and I had selected beforehand to be put under nitrous oxide as well — I highly recommend that because you won't even care, and it makes it a lot more relaxing. Dr. Barnhart is a very nice person, very efficient in what she does. She was quick. I was out of there in maybe 10 minutes. To all my friends in Fresno and Kingsburg, CA, I highly recommend Fresno Oral Surgery."

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