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Meet Cheryl

Video Review

Cheryl felt Dr. Barnhart was a perfect match for her. She’s very grateful for her expert skills and how positive she made the entire experience. Hear her story.

Cheryl got a tooth extraction in Frrsno, CA

Cheryl's Story

"I am a cancer survivor patient, and one of the side effects from the radiation treatments was a possibility of dry mouth, which I did end up experiencing, which ended up having to have some extractions, and eventually, all of my upper teeth were removed. Dr. Barnhart did everything, and I’m very grateful for her and everything that she’s done for me. She knows I believe above and beyond what’s expected of an oral surgeon. She was a perfect match for my situation, so I’m just very grateful for her personally as a dental professional. She’s just amazing. Very glad that I came in here. My experience at Fresno Oral Surgery has just been wonderful."

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