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Meet Haley

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Haley had a wonderful experience with Dr. Barnhart. Her procedure was successful, and she had minimal pain during the recovery process. Hear her story.

Haley got a tooth extraction in Fresno, CA

Haley's Story

"I came to see Dr. Barnhart to get four permanent teeth out to make room for braces. I was really nervous. They took me in and I sat in a chair — they had me squeeze a ball to get my veins pumping — and then they did my IV, and I just went asleep, and I woke up happy. My recovery was actually not bad. It wasn't painful, or it didn't hurt. Dr. Barnhart is really nice. She is very good with kids, and she's just really comforting and caring and really nice. If one of my friends needed to get their teeth out, I would tell them that this is a really good place to come because everyone's just so nice to you, and they're really caring, and they take you through the whole procedure, and they're just really comforting. I highly recommend Fresno Oral Surgery. Dr. Barnhart is awesome."

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