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Meet Gina

Video Review

Gina had tooth extractions at our practice and feels much better now.

Gina and Corinne Ext  desktop

Gina's Story

"I'm Corinne Flores, and this is my sister Gina. Gina came here to have extractions. From the time that we called to set the appointment, the staff was wonderful. Very warm, very friendly. The doctor's brilliant. She's authentic, she's caring and patient, and knew that we were very concerned because Gina does have Down syndrome. She took the time to explain everything to our satisfaction, right, Gina? Do you know that she has gained 10 to 11 pounds since she had the surgery? She feels much better, don't you? I would highly recommend Fresno Oral Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implant Center."

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