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Meet Shirley

Video Review

Shirley had a wonderful experience with Dr. Kheradpir and his staff. Her cyst was removed successfully, and the recovery was fantastic. Hear her story.

Shirley had a tooth extracted in Fresno, CA.

Shirley's Story

"My dentist recommended I come to Fresno Oral Surgery because I had a dark spot on an X-ray. They found out that there was a large cyst in my jaw that had been pushing away any bone that I had. I could have had a broken jaw if I bit down on anything because it had literally pushed away all the bone in my jaw. The procedure — everything — went really well. Dr. Kheradpir is great at what he does. The recovery after the surgery was fantastic. I keep forgetting that I even had anything done. The staff was great. The doctor followed up with me. Literally, the day of my surgery after I went home, he checked back with me. Everything went great. Great recovery and the whole thing. I would definitely recommend Fresno Oral Surgery to all my friends in Fresno and Selma, CA."

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