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Meet Lauren

Video Review

Lauren knew Dr. Barnhart and the staff could tell she was nervous before the procedure. They were comforting and made sure she knew she would never feel any pain or discomfort. Hear her story.

Lauren had a tooth extraction, Hanford, CA

Lauren's Story

"I came here to have my eye teeth pulled for braces. The staff was very welcoming, and they comforted me because they could tell I was really nervous. They made me feel better. Dr. Barnhart — she's really nice, and she's good with kids, so she has a way of making them feel more comfortable about the whole thing. She said that it wouldn't hurt at all. Before the operation happened, she was just talking to me about what she was going to do and that it wouldn't hurt. I would recommend Fresno Oral Surgery to my friends in Hanford, CA, because the staff and the doctors are really welcoming, and they help you feel less nervous about the whole operation."

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